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  • Medical engineering and biotechnology will lead the 21st Century.
    Especially medical equipment business has rapidly on growth by an improved income level, an aging society and a con
    tinued welfare policy of government.

    Medimaxkorea is the Korea's leading manufacturer of medical gas equipments including medical air compressors,
    medical vacuum pumps, manifolds, liquid oxygen storage tank system, pipeline components, bed head trunking system
    (bed head unit, console), pendants, ceiling column, flowmeter with humidifer, suction, secondary and accessory.

    Through abundant solid experience and with enjoying benefits with our overseas distributors, Medimaxkorea sells its
    products through a global distribution channel to be the World's leading manufacturer.
    Medimaxkorea is dedicated to manufacturing and developing the most advanced medical gas equipment and prides
    itself in providing the most technologically advanced products in the marketplace with CE mark obtained and ISO
    13485:2003 approved.

    Thank you very much for your continued interests heartily.

  • Youngkeun Choi / President
  • Auto Kim (Changkook Kim) / Director of Oversease Business Dept